8. mezinárodní veletrh pracovních příležitostí a vzdělávání

8. - 9. 3. 2018


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Join Europe’s top engineers and scientists

01. 03. 2018

The European Patent Office will recruit 200 engineers and scientists in The Hague and Munich to work as patent examiners.

Our engineers and scientists – drawn from over 30 different European countries – work at the cutting edge of technology, examining the latest inventions in every technical field in order to protect and promote innovation in Europe.

Do you have a Master’s degree in engineering or science, a good working knowledge of at least two of our official languages (English, French and German) and some experience in industry?

Then you too could be part of our team of patent examiners in Munich or The Hague.

We offer a competitive net basic salary (EUR 5 500 - 7 800 per month, depending on experience) as well as various benefits and allowances.


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